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Vadim Matveev

Vadim N. Matveev is an engineer-physicist. A graduate of Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute (LETI), V.I. Matveev has been over 30 years engaged in fundamental and applied research within physical photography (electrophotography). He is the author of a number of works, also making about twenty inventions in the field of electrophotography. Actively involved in the development of electrophotographic copiers, he was the designer and product manager of the USSR first small-size colour copy machine. It was during this period that V.N. Matveev took a great interest in the special theory of relativity and wrote a number of works though unpublished at that time. Certain ideas contained in these works became part of V.N. Matveev's book “Entering the Third Millennium without Physical Relativity?” issued by CheRo Publishers in 2000.

Since 2005 V.N. Matveev has been collaborating with his son O.V. Matveev. In the process of their joint work, treating physical relativity as uncertainty determined by the ambiguity of the concept of a physical object, V.N. Matveev and O.V. Matveev found a direct relationship between Lorentz transformations and correlations of uncertainties of coordinate-impulse and time-energy. During the same period, departing from the movement of bodies in fluids, they managed by means of simple methods of Newtonian mechanics to build a simulation model of relativistic effects. One may get acquainted with earlier works of V.N. Matveev as well as with his “The Strange Regularities Linking Lorentz Transformations to Quanto-mechanical Correlations of Uncertainties” and “The Complete Simulation of the Theory of Relativity by Means of Newtonian Mechanics” on the pages of this website.

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Vadim N.Matveev matwad@mail.ru